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Itinerant Genealogists from the Shiʿi Community in Iraq in the Era of ‘Confessional Ambiguity’: In Pursuit of the Interests of the Community?



森本一夫(Kazuo Morimoto)是東京大學東洋文化研究所的副所長和伊斯蘭及伊朗歷史教授。森本教授的研究興趣集中在他稱之為“賽義德-謝里夫學”的領域,即研究穆罕默德先知的假定親屬(賽義德和謝里夫)在穆斯林社會中的角色和地位。除了提倡賽義德-謝里夫學作為一個獨立的研究領域外,森本教授還深入研究十六世紀前有關賽義德和謝里夫的家譜學和功德文學。此外,他還探索十二伊瑪目派的歷史、什葉派與遜尼派的關係和互動,以及波斯化研究。森本教授的大部分英文出版物可在academia.edu上找到。

Genealogical texts on the putative descendants (both lineal and collateral) of the Prophet Muhammad from the mid-thirteenth to the late fifteenth century reveal similar careers among several experts from the Twelver Shiʿi community in Iraq who specialized in the genealogy of these descendants. These genealogists ventured out from their community in Iraq, seeking patronage from dynastic rulers in remote regions, often downplaying their Twelver Shiʿism in front of their Sunni patrons. Examination of the careers of some of these genealogists also reveals that they were part of a network (or networks) of Twelver Shiʿis that connected the Iraqi community with Twelver Shiʿis elsewhere. This presentation first outlines what we know about these itinerant Twelver Shiʿi genealogists, who leveraged supra-confessional demand for their expertise to establish themselves beyond their confessional community. It then questions whether their activities represented a strategy by the Twelver Shiʿi community in pursuit of the community’s interests in an era often characterized by “confessional ambiguity,” signifying the supra-confessional spread of the reverence for the Prophet’s descendants.

Kazuo Morimoto serves as the Deputy Director and Professor of Islamic and Iranian History at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo (東京大学東洋文化研究所). Morimoto’s research interests center on what he calls “sayyido-sharifology,” the study of the roles and positions of the putative kinfolk of the Prophet Muhammad (sayyids and sharīfs) in Muslim societies. While advocating for sayyido-sharifology as a distinct area of research, Morimoto also delves into genealogical and faḍāʾil literature concerning sayyids and sharīfs, primarily from before the sixteenth century. Additionally, he explores the history of Twelver Shiʿism, Shiʿi-Sunni relationships and interactions, and Persianate studies. Most of Morimoto’s publications in English can be found on

時間:2024/6/5 12:30-14:00



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