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Dear friends and colleagues,

We're thrilled to announce our new online lecture series, 'Rethinking Social Contention: Rebellion, Banditry and Martyrdom in the Pre-Modern Islamicate World'. The inaugural lecture will be given by Andrew Marsham (Cambridge) on 18 January 2022. I send attached the schedule for spring term 2022; you can also find the announcement here:

We'd be delighted to have you participate in what is no doubt going to be a very exciting conversation across regions, periods, and (eventually) disciplines. To register, all you need to do is send an email to and we'll provide you with the link a week before the first lecture. This link will be valid for the entire term so you only have to register once. 

We'd very much appreciate it if you shared the announcement (but not the Zoom link itself, please) with students, colleagues, and other interested parties. Many thanks, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! 

All best wishes for a healthy and successful 2022,

Hannah, Natalie, Alon, and Alasdair

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