Center for the Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Middle East studies has gradually become one of the key research fields in humanities and social sciences after the rising of Eastern studies in the 19th century. Since the Middle East politics, economies and cultures highly influence the global development for more than 50 years, many well-known academic institutions, such as Harvard, Princeton, UCLA and UC Berkeley, have established a complete research centers focusing on Middle East or Near East studies since the 1950’s. As the only one university with Department of Arabic Language and Culture in Taiwan, NCCU has accumulated its research foundation over the last 50 years. By establishing the center, integrating with the remarkable regional research of NCCU Institute of International Relations, the Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies should be able to lead the research in this field in Taiwan. As for the Department of Arabic Language and Culture, the establishment of this center should be able to inspire its research, and therefore becomes a defining characteristic of NCCU. 

¤ Purpose

1.          Developing academic studies of Middle East

2.          Exploiting international exchanges

3.          Compiling publications of Middle Eastern studies

4.          Constructing viewpoints and stances of Middle East studies in Taiwan


¤ Members:

Ø  Institute of International Relations: Dr. Tuan Y. Cheng, Dr. Jausheih Joseph Wu, Dr. Titus C. Chen and others

Ø  College of International Affairs: Dr. Deng Ker Lee and others

Ø  Department of Arabic Language and Culture: Faculty of the department

Ø  Department of Turkish Language and Culture: Faculty of the department (TBD)

Ø  Public scholars: Lin Jinn-Jong, Sheng-Tsung Yang, Sheng-Ping Deng, Sheng-Yu Deng, Dr. Ibrahim Zhao and others

¤ What we do:

n   Promotion of Middle East research topics

n   Hosting academic conferences

n   Promotion of international academic cooperation

n   Training and research for students looking towards a career in the research field

n   Establishment of Middle East research database

n   Publications and Translations of Middle East studies

n   Organizing Middle East academic visiting activities

¤ Hosting academic conferences:

u  Organizing an annual international academic conference according to research needs, which essays will be included in the Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

u  Hosting forums of related topics

u  Inviting famous foreign scholars of relating research fields

¤ Promotion of international academic cooperation:

1.          Universities in the Middle East

2.          Research institutes in the Middle East

3.          Regional institutes in the Middle East


¤ Establishment of Middle East research database:

ü  Including journals, books, ancient books, newspapers, lexicons and topics, and linking with websites, news, television videos, music, art, drama, architecture, movies, dance, ancient pictures, etc., in the form of internet database.


¤ Publications and Translations of Middle East studies:

²  Publishing the annual Journal of Middle Eastern Studies in corporation with the Institute of International Relations

²  Translating Middle Eastern classics to Chinese and Chinese classics and journals to Arabic, including Kalilah wa Dimnah and Diwan Iliya Abu Madi

²  Editing the Arabic-Chinese dictionary and Arabic Literal History within 7 years

²  Academic publications in corporation with Chengchi University Press

¤ Organizing Middle East academic visits:

v  Annual trip to Iran, Turkey, Greater Syrian countries, Israel, GCC and North Africa

v  Travel expenses are covered by participants themselves

v  Visits will be coordinated with research, which will be published by the Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

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