• Title:Sohar University Language Center, Oman
  • Post Date:2017-12-29

Arabic Programs for Non-Arabic Speakers and Bachelor of Arabic Language Literature Program at SOHAR UNIVERSITY

The Center for non-Arabic speakers and Faculty of Education and Arts at SOHAR UNIVERSITY offers two types of courses: REGULAR COURSE designed to deliver Arabic language to non-native speakers from around the world, and TAILORED COURSE designed to deliver private one-on-one instruction or small group instruction throughout the year, and upon request, to those who cannot join the regular program.

The Tailored Course package cost USD $ 100 per hour/group (1 to 6 students per group) which includes the academic program only.

The Regular Course package cost USD$ 1,700 per student per semester and consists of:

s  Academic program

s  Cultural program

s  Immersion program

s  Language partner

s  On-line Arabic language forum

s  Student accommodation

s  Tuition

s  Registration

s  Books

s  Trips and excursions

s  Student hostel and university WIFI access

s  Certificates

s  Academic Supervisors

s  Access to the University huge learning resource center from 8 am to 8 pm daily with access to over 40,000 books and unlimited number of E-resources

s  Student clinic from 8 am to 4 pm (clinical issues only).

s  Access to all events and activities conducted at the university

s  Access to University facilities

s  Administrative support

s  Security

s  Monthly attendance report

s  IT technician support

s  Male & female social workers (internal female hostel only)


NOTE: Health insurance, air tickets, visa & resident card, pocket money, food, and personal transportation are not included in the fees.


SOHAR UNIVERSITY has an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible support for international students, both academically and in services provided, to ensure a valuable education and memorable stay in Oman.


Bachelor of Arabic Language Literature: International students can join the Arabic Language Literature program for credits with fees the same as Omani students. Please see the attachment Arabic language literature program matrix.

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