1.         To nurture specialists in Arabic and related fields: The Department’s ultimate goal is to cultivate talented people who are interested in Arabic language, literature, and culture. Students not only have to study Arabic, but also to learn professional knowledge in Arabic language, history, politics, economics and society in order to pursue further research or related jobs.


2.         To promote the Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS): Islamic and Middle Eastern studies have gradually become one of the key research fields in humanities and social sciences after the rise of Oriental studies in the 19th century. As the only one university with the Department of Arabic Language and Culture in Taiwan, NCCU has accumulated its research foundation over the last 50 years. By establishing this center, the Department seeks to broaden its outreach to the researchers of NCCU Institute of International Relations and scholars from other institutions, aiming to make CMEIS the leading institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies in Taiwan.

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