Academic Performance

Journal Papers王經仁*, 2015.12, '人神之間:諾貝爾大師馬赫富茲的宗教與科學之辯證, ' 外國語文研究, No.23, pp.77-97.(*為通訊作者)WANG, CHING-JEN
Conference Papers蘇怡文*, 2015.09, 'Asserting a Shī‘ī ī past in the history of songs: the Kitāb al-Aghānī and its authorial voice, ' Arabic Pasts: Histories and Historiography, Aga Khan University and SOAS.(*為通訊作者)SU, I-WEN
Conference Papers張景安*, 2015.07, 'The division and cooperation of the Syrian business community in Turkey: an investigation of the political and economic behaviours of the Syrian business migrants, ' Syria: Moving Beyond the Stalemate, University of St. Andrews.(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
Research Report張景安*, 2015.04, 'A win-win game for the Muhajiroon (emigrants) and Ansar (helpers): the economic potential of Syrian business migrants in Turkey, ' none.(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
 張景安*, 2015.03, 'The younger generation of Syrian refugees in Turkey: forced to be precocious, but where does their future lie?, '.(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
Conference Papers張景安*, 2015.02, 'War-induced business diaspora: an introduction to the emergence of Syrian business community in Turkey after the 2011 revolution, ' Middle East Talks, Sakarya University.(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
Research Report馬穆德*, 2015, 'Review of the 3rd Chapter of the Book" At tafkeer an nahwee" by Ali Abu Makarem (Gramatical explanation), ' none.(阿拉伯(文))(*為通訊作者)MAHMOUD TALAB HASAN ABDELDEEN
Conference Papers張景安*, 2014.10, 'The settlement of the Syrian businessmen in Turkey, '.(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
Conference Papers張景安*, 2014.10, 'A preliminary study on the formation of the Syrian business community in Turkey after the revolution of 2011, ' The Role of Diasporas, Migrants and Exiles in the Arab Revolutions and Political Transitions, When Authoritarianism Fails in the Arab World (WAFAW).(*為通訊作者)CHANG, CHING-AN
Conference Papers蘇怡文*, 2014.09, 'Representations of the Marwanids in the Ansāb al-ashrāf and the reception of its audience in the ninth-century cultural milieu”, ' The Authors, Editors, and Audiences of Medieval Middle Eastern Texts, Cambridge University.(*為通訊作者)SU, I-WEN
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